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Hosting a Gopher Hole on a Raspberry Pi 4 via FreeBSD 14 and Gophernicus

Previously, I have written about my intentional minimalism in design for this website, including my agreement with the hyper-minimalist ideas (not the foul language) to be found in the Suckless Project’s webpage “The Web Sucks.” Also, I have written about how simple the installation and configuration of FreeBSD on a Raspberry Pi 4 became with […]

My FreeBSD Friday Lecture: The Writing Scholar’s Guide to FreeBSD

The FreeBSD Foundation is a “non-profit organization dedicated to supporting and promoting the FreeBSD Project and community worldwide.” Part of the explicit mission of the Foundation is to provide “workshops, educational material, and presentations to recruit more users and contributors to FreeBSD.” Early in the COVID-19 pandemic, the folks at the Foundation launched a monthly […]

Awesome Theology: a curated list of open source software for Catholic theology

One month ago, I launched the GitHub repository awesome-theology. I intend Awesome Theology to be a new contribution to the Awesome project. Awesome is a parent system by which “awesome lists about all kinds of interesting topics” are made and maintained by persons who are engaged in those topics. The Awesome Manifesto specifies that an […]