Corey Stephan, Ph.D.


Here are (semi-)permanent materials for classes that I teach. Click on a class heading for full information.

Faith, Reason, and Revelation

Introduction to theology as the final destination for traditional Catholic liberal studies

In this course, students will be introduced to what Catholic theology is, what its distinctive features and principles are, and why Catholic belief is reasonable. In so doing they will deepen their understanding of themselves as rational, free beings, capable of affirming what is true and of freely embracing the purpose of their existence.

“Created for a Purpose: The Core of the University of St. Thomas”

The Return to God

Senior liberal studies capstone experience rooted in the spiritual teachings of the Fathers of the Church

Guided by the riches of the Catholic intellectual and moral tradition, in this course we acquire the knowledge and skills needed to confront, formulate, and answer the question of what makes our lives, at bottom, unified and meaningful, and to see a Christian answer to that question as a serious and persuasive one. We also learn how in the concrete sacramental and spiritual theology of the Church, such a meaningful life might realistically be pursued, culminating in the final end of the human person: the contemplative vision of God.

“Created for a Purpose: The Core of the University of St. Thomas”

Introduction to Classical Greek

An introduction to the morphology and syntax of Classical Greek with selected readings from Classical Greek literature and the New Testament

This is my own collection of resources for persons who wish to learn Classical Greek, that is, Attic and Koine (simultaneously), by way of my colleague Dr. Michael Boler’s textbook Introduction to Classical and New Testament Greek: A Unified Approach.